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Bold Reset Enablement 

BOLD RESET is a transformative experience enabling you to Be the true Hero of your own story doing things that matter to you. Our Pledge to you is our full support as you reclaim the Bold you and provide you the tools to continue your Bold transformation Beyond your time spent with us!

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Meet Ellie

Ellie Rock, Neuro-Change Practitioner & Master Trainer 

I am a professional coach and lifelong advocate of personal development; my way of making a difference in people’s lives. It is important to me to pay it forward in tribute to those who have helped me. My insatiable curiosity and relentless drive (tempered by my sense of humour!) led me to become a certified Neuro Change Method™ Practitioner and Master Trainer.

My MBA and conflict resolution studies help inform my thinking. I am also certified to deliver and interpret MBTI, Spectrum Motivation, Behaviors and Axiology assessments.Throughout my career, I often embraced the role of informal coach for career and life decisions. I enjoyed success as a financial services’ executive leader and then as an adult educator. Recognizing we all have unexplored talents and ambitions; I became motivated to ask people “what’s next?” and then help them transition. My own experience with three different careers gives me a perspective on change that other coaches might not have. New things helps us grow and enjoy life more fully.

In my quest for continuous learning, I found the latest science-based methodology to truly, help others adapt, change and live life to their full potential – the Neuro Change Method™. My genuine enjoyment of meeting people and hearing their stories allows me to connect authentically with individuals and groups. Life is too short; ensure you are doing things you enjoy!

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Meet Sophie

Sophie Riendeau, Neuro-Change Practitioner & Master Trainer

Always fired up! People will tell you I'm driven and a strategic thinker who's always on the go... My motto- If There's a Will, There's a Way. As a Certified Neuro-Change Method Practitioner and Master Trainer, my passion is the ongoing study of the direct relationship between daily habits and our level of resistance to changes.

As a lifelong sales professional, I have managed, coached and mentored in the retail, corporate, real estate and media sectors. In 2005 I started to study the common ingredients top performers tap into. Ingredients that are available on demand, are replicable and adaptable. My focus zoned onto Strengths and Resilience and their influence over our daily life and our level of adaptability towards wanted or unwanted changes.

Clients & students find a renewed vigor and momentum towards their life transitions and goals. My business clients have generated Millions in new revenue over the last decade .... because, if There's a Will, There's a Way and Where Focus goes, Energy Flows. Bringing a state of continued forward movement, I provide tools, techniques and guiding principles that will inject high-octane fuel into your life or business' next Bold Reset and beyond.

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Your BOLD Reset, Your Way...


Live Coaching

Expand your thought process for a true transformational experience through learnings, accountability and dialogue with a curious, collaborative and sometimes unreasonable outsider, your Bold Reset Coach. Focused on YOU each session will be curated based on your goals and improvement targets

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Full Suite Module Packages

Are you looking to understand how to initiate and manage sustainable changes, but want to do it on your time schedule? We invite you to sign up for the full suite of modules to learn and activate your changes at your own pace. You can always add hours of live coaching later

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Self-Paced Modules

Not quite ready for the full meal deal but interested in one or more of the topics we cover? We invite you to sign up for the individual module(s) of your choice and activate your changes at your own pace. The key is to start. You can always add hours of live coaching later

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Group Impact for Businesses and Organizations...


Businesses & Organizations

To minimize the great resignation impact, we look at productivity, engagement, communication, diversity, equity, and inclusion. Bold Reset’s years of practical experience will assist you and your teams to not only achieve your KPI's or OKR's but to also create a sustainable competitive advantage that goes beyond the spreadsheets



Looking for a mix of fun and education? Expand the knowledge of your team or group Leaders with some hands-on activities. Bold Reset’s 1/2 day or full day workshops provide the opportunity for your team to embrace the topic of your choice... or theirs. The workshops and activities will be curated to the topic based on your goals or improvement targets



Need a Speaker for a staff or clients' event? Ellie and Sophie have executed over 2,000 speaking engagements in the last decade. The topics are focused and cover some of the following, but are not limited to;  engagement, productivity, change management, communication, emotional regulation in the workplace... 

Why Choose a Neuro-Change Practitioner as a Coach or Consultant

Advances in Mind Sciences have led to the creation of the Neuro Change Method™, an exciting breakthrough in personal development firmly based on sound scientific research from the fields of neuroscience, social psychology, and philosophy with wide-ranging benefits for general wellbeing in life, sports, business, relationships, money, study, and emotional health.

As Certified Practitioners, Master-Trainers and Mentors of the Method, Ellie and Sophie are committed to evidence-based techniques when guiding your Bold Reset.

We support your conscious, effortful work of deciding what you want from your life. As you weed out beliefs and goals that don’t serve you anymore, your true self and destination will emerge clearly. Your commitment to change will grow stronger as your subconscious mind starts doing the heavy lifting...

...Your brain changes constantly and seeks to grow, flourish and achieve. Working with a Neuro-Change Practitioner is your access to the formula for deep and faster changes toward your desired goals. 

Your Bold Reset Awaits!

Get ready to step into a new light with greater understanding!

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